About the Author

Cristian SaileanuCristian Saileanu, born in Romania of Greek parents, student of letters, soccer player, occasional poet, prize-fighter, boxing coach, father of one, gang banger and street fighter, grandfather of five, teacher of English to Romanians, dissident against Ceausescu and communism, emigrated to the USA, college professor, word-smith, emigrated from Texas to California, teacher of Romanian to American spies, soccer coach, teacher of English to Americans, author of fairy tales, author of dictionaries, married, divorced, remarried, translator of Ion Luca Caragiale, Fulbright scholar, teacher of English to Turkish students, author of novels (five published, many still in drawers), lives in Corfu (Greece), Todi (Umbria), Salinas (California), Madrid (Spain), officially retired, working harder than ever.