Balada Castratului cu Ochii Albastrii

Balada Castratului cu Ochii Albastrii
What revolting piece of news could bring the entire population of Cassiano Prison to the verge of open mutiny? What could be so shocking, so disgusting, so infuriating to convince the warden himself to allow Alessandro Fundoni, a larger-than-life horse thief with a penchant for throwing knives, to escape from this famous prison in the hill-top Umbrian town of Todi? And what errand of vengeance did this huge man, once out of prison, embark on? What power drove him on despite bandit-infested forests, plague ravaged cities, inclement weather, and the wrath of the all-powerful lords of the day? In the meantime, and parallel with Alessandro’s progress north towards Mantova, we have the story of the most famous sexual scandal that rocked 16th century Italy. Why is Giulia, a strikingly beautiful, twenty-one year-old virgin taken from her home, placed under the care of a wily chaperone, and handed over to the Medici? Why is she bribed, cajoled, threatened, lied to, why is her natural barrier of shame systematically broken down? How could a simple peasant girl figure in the political plans that could bring down two of the mightiest houses in Europe, the Gonzagas of Mantova and the Medici of Florence? This is a novel that once started, you will not be able to put down, a real page-turner. And when you’re through reading it, at 3 a.m., when you have finally put the book down, you are going to have the feeling that the 500-page novel was… too short. And you will ask for more. That is our solemn promise.

And now the sequel you've been waiting for!
Alessandro, aka Ercole and the whole gang are back in

Forgive Me Father, For I Will Sin
How could a restless giant of a man reduce himself to a life a married bliss? How could a dedicated cousin forget about his blood, the funny, lively Landolfo Fundoni, who is languishing in the Cassiano Jail? Alessandro, aka Ercole, the celebrated horse thief, goes south to Todi again, but on his very first night out he gets into more trouble than even he can handle. It's a novel where the evil doers are on the prowl again, but Ercole and company make sure that their punishment is final.

Author :Saileanu, Cristian

Total Word :212,596


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