One Year in King City HS

One Year in King City HS
John Holbrook, one of the heroes of this book, once told me that he had mused his way to the conclusion that a school is to a community what the skin is to a body. “You see the rash on your arms and you might think that it’s the skin that’s sick, when actually the disease is somewhere deep inside, and it is only reflected in the skin. Or, conversely, when the skin is silky smooth - soft, and supple, and pleasant to the touch - it’s because the entire inside of the body is healthy.” It has just occurred to me that I have written a book to illustrate what John said. I must confess that at times, in order to better move the story along, two or three real-life persons have been shoved into one, or one person has been split up into two. Chronology has not been always rigorously followed, either, and real lives have been twisted to allow the sap of fiction to better flow to the heart and mind of the reader. Wait. Did I say fiction? I’ll take that back. For this is not a fictional book. The stories, all of them, without any exception, the stories, they are true. And if they sometimes seem far-fetched it’s only because many times reality is stranger than fiction - and also more pitiless, and more brutal. I have kept some of the original quizzes, essays, newspaper articles and classroom drawings to give the book its well-deserved air of authenticity. If you are a teacher, you will read the book and nod in agreement. If you are a parent, now you know – a teacher’s life is not the bowl of cherries you always thought it was. If you are a principal, or a superintendent, you will naturally want to burn the book in the public square - this book is a mirror and you will not like what you see. Some of the real names of the characters have been maintained: Marina Argueta, Elizabeth Ramirez, Franklin Sosa, Jose Alberto Ochoa and the rest of the Ochoa clan, Hector Mandujano, aka Camarón, and most of the soccer players on the KCHS varsity team have given me kind permission to use their real-life names. Only one character in the entire book is completely fabricated, and I will allow you, the reader, the investigative pleasure of discovering who that character is on your own. If you like the book, please recommend it to your friends, to that nasty brother-in-law of yours who gets drunk on Thanksgiving, to the guy sitting next to you in the carpool, or to your fellow teacher in the teacher’s lounge. But don’t lend it to him. Let him buy his own copy. You see, I live off the books I sell.

Author :Saileanu, Cristian

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