Mr. Mann's Children

(A tragico-optimistic attempt at plagiarism in 13 false acts)

Cast of Characters

The Almighty
Mr. Mann – Mrs. Mann’s husband
Mrs. Mann - Mr. Mann’s wife
Isa, Mahatma, Martin – human experiments in kindness
Pedro – communist fighter in the Spanish Civil War
Pilar – Pablo’s main squeeze, and Chief Manager of Hell
Mr. Karl Marx – author of macro-economic masterpieces, visionary, and lord over all communist leaders
Mrs. Jenny Marx – a clumsy cow, who has made it her habit to lead with her eye
Lenchen – maid in the Marx family household
Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un – communist leaders
Timothy, Tim, Timmy Smith – Chief Militiaman of the City
Aunt Eudoxia – Mr. Mann’s sister, a vamp under whose bed you can find Timmy Smith’s slippers
Mother Tereza of Calcutta – a decidedly kind woman
Peasants in the Spanish Civil War
Drunkards in the Spanish Civil War
Civil Guards in the Spanish Civil War
First London Bobby
Second London Bobby
Don Benito, Don Ricardo, Don Faustino, Don Federico, Don Anastasio, Don Guillermo, Don Pepe – fascists in Pedro’s village
Don Guillermo’s wife
Gorgo – a very bad man
Foras – another very bad man, member in Gorgo’s gang

Author :Saileanu, Cristian

Total Word :29005