The Making Of A Communist

The Making Of A Communist
Years on end, whenever Lenin was arrested, his mother rushed to a family friend, a general in the czarist army and begged him, Your highness, come help us, Vladimir Ilici has been arrested again. When the communists took over, naturally the general was arrested. The general's wife rushed to Lenin and said: "Vladimir Ilici, your benefactor, has been arrested. For the sake of the days when he saved you, please, get him out, or he'll be executed." "I can do no such thing," Lenin answered calmly. "If we, the communists, make the same mistakes as the czarists, we'll share their fate." So the general was taken to the firing squad and was shot... These then are the moral characteristics of a communist, be it in 20th century Russia or in California today.

Author :Saileanu, Cristian

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